i’d be completely honored. do whatever you want to/with them
but please mailto:me if you want the unmarked originals because it’s very flattering

its a canon 5d

i’m just walking around with my camera
trying to learn how to use it better
hopefully i take something worth keeping/printing

objective ii
originally, i meant to take a photo every day of 2013 and post one
but since i’m not all that creative, i began running out of subjects to shoot ~july

so i have a new idea for this: just post a picture for every day of the year in 2013
and in 2014, revisit every single one to caption them/recount the experience
sounds like fun, so i’m hoping it will be; i guess i’ll find out in 2014 🙂

too many websites
i believe that in this hyper-connected, internet age,
we, as online citizens, have a responsibility to:

curate the massive amount of content available,
filtering out the garbage for those that do not have the time or means,

and create content,
contributing to the pile,
but one day making something worth sharing is my beginners photography project,
to the end of creating content,
and contributing to the internet society